When Planting

When you plant bushes or trees it is good to setup a deep watering system. This will keep the roots from growing to the service. This will also help your tree from dying from the cold. The deeper the root system the better chance that the tree will not be blown over, go through your foundation, sidewalk, or your driveway. A easy deep root watering system is to dig a hole around 6ft from the tree around 2 to 3 feet deep. You will need to make 4 of them and space them out evenly so the roots will grow in multiple directions.
When pruning a tree it is good to do alot of it while it is young. This will help the tree grow faster, heal properly, and help to keep your tree maintained and easier to maintain as it gets older. Making sure all the dead wood is kept out of your tree and the branches that are cut are covered with a protected coating to keep bugs out. A little extra work on your tree can help safe you thousands later down the road when you have to remove the tree or if it damages property.
We are Moore Than Trees and are a local Oklahoma city Tree service, tree company, tree removal, stump grinding, landscaper, tree trimming. As a tree service company we service, Moore, oklahoma city, Norman, edmond, mustang, yukon, shawnee, and choctaw areas.

Moore Than Trees

Under quoted a job that my wife thought that I quoted to much. It was a very hard job and my help was not a lot of help. My wife ended up helping me the 2nd day. Made me mad because I did not get the start early enough since I got behind because of all the wind we had Monday. But it was a nice experienced climbing up 55ft up in a pecan cutting dead wood up. Looking into making some signs and flyers to put out to help promote my business. Also going to go door to door and promote my business by word of mouth.
It be nice to get a few more tree removal jobs. But if I am hoping to do well with leaf removal this fall and maybe get some more business cutting dead wood out of trees. Going to pass out flyers around Elreno, Edmond, Mustang, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Moore Oklahoma for leaf removal from yard, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming.
It was nice getting to spend time with my family this weekend. We went and attend trunk or treat with our church Saturday. Was so nice to get to play with all the kids. Our little 3 month old was so excited and had so much fun looking at all the people and the kids. Well if you need any tree work just give us a call at 405 703 3907. We will be glad to help in anyway we possibly can.

Hoping this works out

Had a very long day today. I woke up at 6:45 am and had to run to elreno oklahoma to grab a check for a job I did there. Then had to rush home to get my daughter and feed her and get her to choctaw for her softball game. Was hoping my wife would go but she went and see family. The girls did good but I couldn’t stay for the third game. I had to come hope and meet with the leader of Moore schools pta. Got on with them and made a little donation which was nice. Then had to run to norman to do a estimate on a tree trimming job.

I am going to do my first video and post it on my facebook about how to trim and prune your tree. Because a lot of tree service companies do not trim the tree right. So I am going to do a video and show what happens when you trim wrong verses trimming it right. And show what kind of major stuff you want out of your tree to help its life.

I have learned a lot about trees over the last couple of years. So wanting to be a local tree service company and service the metro and surrounding towns, I really need to show that I do know what I am talking about. Also going to give some lessons in why it is good to remove or grind the stumps down to nothing.

Monday will be a busy day because I’ll wake up at 7 am and eat and hit the road. I will be in mustang doing a little tree removal of some small trees, mowing, and weed spraying, and then going to Edmond and doing some weed spraying. Then I will end in Moore where I will Spray a few yards and mow a couple. Then after that I will run to Norman to do a little tree trimming and then making a little video of the proper way to prune and trim a tree.

Moore Than Trees

So I have had an Eventful 2 days. Let me start off with the 20 phone calls a day I do get for people wanting to manage my website to get me first on google maps or give me money. I started off paying Home Advisers and Google. Cost me more money in week than I planned on spending in one year. So after doing research I learned I could do it myself and not have to pay anyone. I spent 3 weeks and moved up to number 2 spot for tree service. But I was not listed in any other category.

So I went to social media (facebook, twitter, google+, ogoing, and reddit). I have had a ton of luck with Facebook, and Twitter. O and I started a wordpress seo blog that is tagged to my website, http://www.moorethantrees.com, Facebook, and Twitter. This moved me to number one in all of my categories, (local tree service, local tree services, tree service, tree services, and tree removal. So now knowing what I know I have actually decided to possibly doing seo for other peoples small business website to organically move them to first in google maps.

So I call google because my area on google maps is just Moore, Oklahoma and not 65 mile radius like it is supposed to be. So I get sent to another department, then another then hung up on. Then I call back and get another guy who hangs up on me. So I call mad and a little upset and talk to a guy and he tells me it will be $300 to fix this. And then he hangs up on and I am livid. So I call the first guy back and tell him how mad I am and he starts to help me and hangs up on me. This is why our call centers should be in american with american people. Not in India and other foreign countries so they can pay them nothing.

So I figured out how to add more locations to my google maps so I did. And now have to wait 2 weeks to get a verification code to verify my website to get it so I can be number one organically be number 1 in Norman, Moore, newcastle, blanchard, oklahoma city, okc, edmond, mustang, yukon and elreno. We will be first in the tags tree service, local tree service, tree services, tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree triming, tree pruning. This is what this blog is for and has helped so much.

So today our group-on launched and we got our very first customer the first day. Which is super exciting because it was free and we got a customer for a tree trimming job there in Norman, Oklahoma. We are trying to expand our business into fencing, remodels, sheds, and decks. Which will be great during the winter time. We are going to really push leave pick up this fall. If i get enough jobs then the money will be ridiculous. And a couple of remodel jobs up that should be enough to get us to the spring. Our lawn service and landscaping services should really take off. And hoping we get a bunch of privacy fence jobs. Hoping we get enough lawn Jobs I can run 3 full crews and let them work 50 hours a week 5 days a week, and me a crew to do trees, yards, and other stuff.

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Thank you
Rodney Moore