Your Local Tree and Lawn Service

Moore Than Trees is family owned and operated business. We do more than just trees. We have 22 years in lawn work and 5 years in landscaping and tree service. If you need a privacy fence, shop, deck or some remodeling then we are the company for you. We are a small company so the owner will be on every job making sure the job is done correct and making sure the hands are doing what they need to be doing.

We not only remove trees but we also plant trees. Curb appeal is everything now days. Everyone wants their yard to look nice so it helps with the look of the house. We have played around with fertilizers and came up with a great mixture to help make your yard green as possible. We also have used lots of store bought and homemade weed killers to come up with our very own mixture. I use these on my personal yard before I ever used them out in the field.

Three things you need to get your yard as green as possible. First you need water, second a good food for the grass, then you need a good mixture of magnesium, sun, and nitrogen. Magnesium helps the circulation of the plant which helps it absorb more water, and lets the food run through the plant more freely. Most companies use a nitrogen rich fertilizer which helps your yard get green really fast. This is why it cost $50+ to fertilize. Your lawn can only take so much nitrogen before the rest is a waist. Which when you get the right mix it lowers the cost of your fertilizer.

Sometimes we plant a tree and pay for it later. It gets to big and grows over the house, it becomes a danger with falling branches, or it just dies and sometimes dies from unknown reasons. Trees are good in the fact they help with oxygen and filtering the carbon dioxide in the air. It also makes for a great shade over your house to help lower your electric bill during the summer. It is good to spend a little money every year to prune your tree and get all the dead wood and branches that are growing the wrong way out of the tree to help with its life.

After a tree removal you are left with a stump. It does cost extra but it is good to get the stump grinded below the grown level. A good tree service company will ask you before he ever starts if you want the stump grinded down and dirt filled in on top of it. We are your local tree service company and lawn service and we service 65 miles of okc. Call for your free estimate.   Look us up on the we at



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I love to work and spend time with my family. We do attend church and try to always be kind and respectful of others.

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