Moore Than Trees

Under quoted a job that my wife thought that I quoted to much. It was a very hard job and my help was not a lot of help. My wife ended up helping me the 2nd day. Made me mad because I did not get the start early enough since I got behind because of all the wind we had Monday. But it was a nice experienced climbing up 55ft up in a pecan cutting dead wood up. Looking into making some signs and flyers to put out to help promote my business. Also going to go door to door and promote my business by word of mouth.
It be nice to get a few more tree removal jobs. But if I am hoping to do well with leaf removal this fall and maybe get some more business cutting dead wood out of trees. Going to pass out flyers around Elreno, Edmond, Mustang, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Moore Oklahoma for leaf removal from yard, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming.
It was nice getting to spend time with my family this weekend. We went and attend trunk or treat with our church Saturday. Was so nice to get to play with all the kids. Our little 3 month old was so excited and had so much fun looking at all the people and the kids. Well if you need any tree work just give us a call at 405 703 3907. We will be glad to help in anyway we possibly can.


Author: Moore than Tree service okc

I love to work and spend time with my family. We do attend church and try to always be kind and respectful of others.

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