Moore Than Trees

One thing I have learned over the years is that you can actually do whatever you want in life. I grew in a small town raised by my grandmother. She spoiled as much as she possibly could. When I graduated high school I did not have any idea what I wanted to do so I enrolled at Southwestern University. I was young and dumb and went the minimum. ended with a 3.0 gpa. But my grandmother got me a job in the oilfield running casing. That is a dirty dirty job. I moved up rather quickly and I found the job to be very rewarding and fun. I learned so much in my 14 1/2 years in the patch.

I made it through all the slow downs from 01 to 2015. I got laid off and went to work at walmart dc. A little later I decided to let my skills go. My wife and I started a business in the landscaping business. I already had experience in it and some knowledge. I did trees off and on for 5 years during the slow season of the oilfield. I also do remodels and remodeled our house and started remodeling a commercial building and now remodeling a rent house for a customer.

I love the freedom of working for myself and only answering to my customers. I absolutely love seeing the satisfaction of my customers face when I get done with a job. It means alot when you can make someones house look so much better with a couple hours of work.  Being in the tree business is rocky because their are so many tree companies out there. And being on front page of google is crazy hard to get on. You either have to pay or you have to spend hours doing back links and wordpress and social media work.

I love what i do because it gives me more time with my family. And family is what it is all about. We just had a baby in June 2016 and she is such an amazing little girl and it is such a blessing to watch her grow.


Author: Moore than Tree service okc

I love to work and spend time with my family. We do attend church and try to always be kind and respectful of others.

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